Wood Pellets 15Kg Bags and all customized packaging for sale

High quality 100% wood pellet biofuels

1, low moisture ,ash and sulfur
2, 100% made by pine saw dust with high heating value
3, long burning time, high energy content
4, Minimum carbon dioxide, ensure fresh environment.
5, After burned, ash can be used as fertilizer, not harmful to environment.

Wood Pellets For Sale

Product name: Wood pellet (wooden pellets, pellet)
Main materials: pine& miscellaneous wood mixed
Diameter: 6-8mm
Net Calorific value(as received basis): Min.3980 Kcal/kg
Unit Volume Mass: Min. 600
Moisture: <10%
Ash content:
Max. 3.0%
Sulfur content:
Max. 0.05%
Max. 0.05%
Ash Fusion Temperature,IDT
Min. 1150°c
Nitrogen content(dry basis):
Max. 0.5%
By ton bag 24 tons/ container 40’HC;
Woven bag 25 kgs ,24 tons/ container 40’HC
# packing 26 tons/ container
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