Red Bull® Sugar Free Energy Drink; 8.4 oz. Cans, 24/Pack (RBD124114)

Sugar-free drink gives you wings while balancing a busy day between work and gym or during fun nights out with your friends
Red Bull Sugar-free has been developed for times of intense exertion. Whether you are working or studying, playing videogames or sports, driving, hanging out with friends at home or while going out, Red Bull Sugar-free is made for anybody with an active lifestyle and a zest for life.
24/pack, 8.4 oz. can sugar-free energy drink
Energize yourself while improving your ability to focus and concentrate
A functional beverage with only 3 calories per 100 ml
Contains B-Group vitamins, taurine, glucuonolactone, caffeine and acesulfame K
Increases performance, concentration and reaction speed
Improves vigilance
Stimulates metabolism
Makes you feel more energetic and thus improves your overall well-being
Medical studies show that it makes you feel significantly more energetic, while simultaneously improving your ability to focus and concentrate
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