MILKA 300g Triolade Chocolate


MILKA 300g Triolade Chocolate supplier.A combination of milk, white, and dark chocolate.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Order milka chocolate bars from European Supplier. 100% Alpine Milk Chocolate. 

EAN:     7622300182519
EAN carton:     7622210466099
Catalog nr:     82840
Brand:     Milka
Producer:     Mondelez
Origin:     Austria


Quantity (szt)1142,016
Net weight (kg)0.304.20
Gross weight (kg)0.314.38630.72
Width (mm)272.00272.00800.00
Height (mm)12.0095.00855.00
Depth (mm)90.00300.001,200.00
Volume (dm3)0.295.61820.80


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