Buy Enfamil EnfaCare Baby Formula-12.8 oz Powder


Buy Enfamil EnfaCare Baby Formula-12.8 oz Powder. For premature or low birth weight babies 40% more protein than Enfamil Infant formula Increased levels of vitamins and minerals


Baby Formula Stage
Newborn, Infant
Food Form
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
4.13 x 4.13 x 4.38 Inches


Enfamil Infant Formula Milk – Based With Iron Premature. It has extra protein and calcium to support growth. Clinically proven to help babies born prematurely catch up in growth. Vitamin and mineral levels specially tailored for premature babies first year of life after discharge from the hospital. DHA and choline to help support baby’s brain development.

  • Enfamil Infant Formula Milk – Based With Iron Premature.
  • Milk based powder with iron.
  • Enfamil #1 brand recommended by pediatricians.
  • 22 Calories/fl oz.
  • Through 12 months.
  • Enfacare for babies born prematurely.
  • 4 Areas pediatricians check for most: Cognitive.
  • Motor.
  • Communication.
  • Social.
  • Neuro support helps support a healthy brain.
  • Enriched nutrition*.
  • For use from discharge through baby’s 1st birthday.
  • 6 – 12.8 oz (363 g) Cans.


Warning Text: Your baby’s health depends on carefully following the instructions below. Use only as directed by a medical professional. Improper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use or storage may result in severe harm. Although this powder is formulated for premature infants, powdered infant formulas are not sterile And should not be fed To premature infants or infants who might have immune problems unless directed And supervised by your baby’s doctor. Ask your baby’s doctor which formula is appropriate for your baby. Do not use microwave oven To warm formula. Serious burns may result.


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