Hardwood charcoal Lump charcoal export to Janpan / Korea / Thailand

I come from Sidal Trade Company Limited in Viet Nam, specialize in manufacturing charcoal using for BBQ. Our products are made from 100 % natural wood such as Litchee, Longan, Chestnut (Oak), Eucalyptus Charcoal , Mangrove charcoal, Hardwood black charcoal, Sawdust charcoal

Product Description

Hardwood charcoal is derived from natural wood. The charcoal comes in smaller and larger size depending on the usage.The larger size is used in Restaurant industry for BBQ purpose,while the smaller size is used for Shisha purpose.
– 100% natural produce
– Very high calories
– No odor, no flame, no smoke

– Packing in 10kg carton box
– Long-lasting smokeless burning time 4-5 hours
– Raw material: hard wood
– Application: Barbecue (BBQ), Shisha, stove, restaurant…
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