Grade A Recycled / Virgin HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE /PVC granules for sale

Grade A Recycled / Virgin HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE /PVC granules for sale
HDPE plastic granules
HDPE is high density polyethylene film grade which well known for the high quality film applications. This grade is excellent for thin film processing with high mechanical strength, good stiffness and good heat sealability. It is suitable for producing general purpose packaging films in a wide range of size and thickness.
HDPE has high impact resistance, good tear strength, excellent heat sealability, good melt strength, its films do shopping bags, garbage bags, and other purposes.

HDPE/LDPE/PP Granulates for bulk supply ($800 – 1,300)

1.Injection product: the turnover box, bottle caps, barrel class, hats, food containers, plate, dustbin, box etc

2.Blow molding products: hollow molding products, such as various series blow molding barrel, containers, bottles of class, cosmetics,the petrol tank, daily product, etc

3.Blow film product:Foodstuff packing bag,groceries shopping bags, chemical fertilizer lined with film, etc

4.Extruded product: Pipe,tube mainly used in gas transportation, public water and chemicals transport, such as building materials, gas pipe, hot water drain pipe etc: sheet material is mainly used in the seat, suitcase, handling containers.etc.
1. High quality best price.
2. Film grade,Blow grade,Injection grade
3. Virgin or Recycle
4 Free sample testing
5 ISO 9001:2008 Factory
HDPE Resin Virgin Specifications 1. Virgin & Recycled 2. Type: Film grade, Injection molding grade, Blowing molding grade,
We are bulk suppliers for wholesellers only, minimum quantity supply 23.5 metric tons (20 ft container).
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