DIHAO novelty lighters,rechargeable e-cigrate lighter. alibaba hot selling, wholesale USB Cigarette lighter

Innovate Environmental Protection Electronic Cigarette Lighter.
This lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery.
No Gas/Fuel Is Required.You can take it along with you when you by air.
Battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times.
Works under any weather condition.
You can charge this lighter by laptop USB Port or Any USB wall charger with DC 5V,one-time charging take 2-3 hours,and you can light cigarette at least 200 times.
Excellent Gift Item or Personal Collection.
Item comes in various colors depending on stock.
Material: Plastic, the heater is made of Ceramic
Charge Voltage: USB DC 5V
Size: 78 x 28 x 16 mm
Color: White, Black

1 x Rechargeable Lighter
Fashionable design.

Reasonable price.

Excellent quality.

Fast delivery.